Tracy Honl

RNC National Committeewoman

for Oregon

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Meet Tracy

A lifelong Republican, Tracy became active in politics in 2012. She was first appointed as a Precinct Committee Person in Washington County and has served continuously since then in a number of volunteer and leadership positions in the political arena.

Tracy was born and raised in Oregon. In 2022, she and her husband Christian moved to Astoria, Oregon to be close to family. Throughout her time in politics, Christian has been her biggest source

of encouragement and support and has himself actively volunteered in both political campaigns and work within the Republican party at the county and the state level. He currently serves as CD1 Vice Chair.

Tracy is a Christian conservative who believes that our rights are given by God, not the government. She is a small business owner of Andor Retreats and mom to their family’s five “fur babies” Scrappy Doodles, Herman, Jetty, Ollie, and Bella.

In 2021, Tracy was elected to serve as RNC National Committeewoman from Oregon. She currently serves on the Grassroots Advisory Committee and on the 2024 Republican National Convention’s Committee on Arrangements. She formerly served on the Post Election Analysis Team following the 2022 general election.

As an RNC member, Tracy has developed strong, positive, and mutually respectful relationships with RNC leadership, staff, and members from across the country. This has amplified Oregon’s voice at the national level. She has developed a reputation for reliability and dependability within the RNC and is often called on for input. She is known as someone who doesn’t hesitate to jump in when there’s work to be done. A strong advocate for Oregon, Tracy is always seeking new ideas and resources to take home to the ORP.

Tracy has also worked with other RNC members to implement strategies to elect a Republican President every four years as well as to elect other Republican candidates for federal office. This includes initiation of voter registration and GOTV drives across the country.

Over the last several years, the RNC has invested in states like Oregon through the GROW Program, which is designed to build, support, and empower state parties from the grassroots up. It comes with abundant advice, guidance, and resources to help states succeed. Successfully completing this program has been a top priority for Tracy. A strong team-builder, she identified and recruited a team of grassroots volunteers throughout Oregon to help as she successfully led the effort to complete the GROW Program in the 2021/22 cycle and is on track to complete GROW in the 2023/24 election cycle.

Tracy has also been a top fundraiser for the ORP in 2022 and 2023. In addition to the funds earned through GROW in both 2022 and 2023, Tracy organized and led the Oregon Republican Party’s two biggest events this year—the Chairman’s Dinner and the 2023 Oregon Republican Party Convention/ORP Banquet Dinner.

Tracy believes that the heart of ORP is its grassroots volunteers. One of her favorite parts of the National Committeewoman job is to connect with and support the grassroots efforts of the county parties. She is often on the road traveling to county party and Republican Women’s events, sometimes as a speaker, sometimes to support a fundraiser, and other times just to meet, listen to, and talk with county Republicans about their work and how ORP can best support their efforts.

While ORP has made significant progress in building teams, recruiting effective leaders, and developing strong working relationships with Oregon Legislators and members of Congress, there’s still more to do. Tracy is committed to continuing her work to strengthen ORP by being an effective working partner to ORP Chairman Justin Hwang, by focusing on continued recruiting, training, and encouraging grassroots teams, and by assisting in fundraising through events, phone calls, and digital efforts. She looks forward to deeper engagement especially with young Republican voters and the small business community, and she will continue to work closely with our federal candidates to ensure they have the support they need to win. She will also continue her efforts to make the 2024 Republican National Convention a phenomenal, once-in-a-lifetime experience for our Oregon Delegation.


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Election Integrity

Preserving the integrity of our elections is critical to all Americans. Ensuring that all American citizens, and only American citizens, have the ability to cast their ballots in free and fair elections is the very foundation of liberty. We must implement policies that make it easy to vote and hard to cheat.

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Right to Life

By protecting the unborn, we are not only guarding the lives of innocent children, but also upholding the fundamental belief in the value of every human life. We have a solemn duty to defend the most vulnerable among us and to ensure that every human being is given the opportunity to flourish and reach their full potential.

Back to school. Empty blackboard and yellow school bus


Parents have the ultimate authority and responsibility to make decisions about their children's well-being, including the selection of the school best suited to meet each child’s needs. Parents should have the right to examine all school curriculum materials, and no information about their child should be withheld from parents by a school.

freedom of use of firearms in the united states of america. Second Amendment to the US Constitution

Defending the 2nd Amendment

The right to “keep and bear arms” is a fundamental right essential to human liberty. The U.S. Constitution guarantees in absolute terms that this right “shall not be infringed” in any way by the government.

Female doctor consulting senior patient

Heath Care

Each individual has a basic human right to make their own healthcare decisions in consultation with their preferred healthcare professionals. These decisions should not be in the hands of insurance companies, governmental agencies, or employers. We must give control over healthcare decisions back to the people who matter most: patients and doctors.

Girls high school basketball team

Women’s Rights

There are two genders—male and female. The right of biological women and girls to safety and privacy in single-sex spaces must be protected. Competition with biological males must not be allowed to destroy opportunities for women in competitive sports which were secured in the passage of Title IX in 1972.

US Mexico Border Fence

Border Security

A nation that cannot secure its borders is not sovereign. We must enforce border security by finishing the wall and putting an end to rampant human trafficking, drug cartels, violent criminals, and terrorists coming across our border. All of these threaten both human life and national security.


  • Committee on Arrangements for 2024 RNC Republican National Convention
  • RNC Grassroots Advisory Committee
  • RNC Post-Election Analysis Team Member

  • 2023 Oregon Republican Party Convention/ORP Banquet Chair
  • 2023 Chairman’s Dinner/Meet & Greet Chair
  • 2021/22 GROW Lead
  • 2023/24 GROW Lead
  • Spoken at and/or attended Republican County Events and Republican Women’s events across the state

  • 2020 Delegate for Donald J Trump at the Republican National Convention
  • 2016 Delegate for Donald J Trump at the Republican National Convention
  • 2016 Western Oregon Political Director - Donald J Trump for President

  • Current member of North Coast Republican Women
  • Current associate member of Mt. Hood Republican Women, Beaverton Hillsboro Republican Women
  • America First Policy Institute member
  • Maggie’s List member
  • National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB) member

  • Former ORP Vice Chair
  • Former ORP Political Director
  • Former Chair Washington County GOP
  • Former Vice President at Beaverton Hillsboro Republican Women

  • 2012-2023 Volunteer for several campaigns

  • Former Board of Directors at Washington County Public Affairs Forum
  • Former Director at Washington County Business Council
  • Former Board of Directors at League of Minority Voters

BS - Management, Leadership, and Communication, Concordia University, Portland

MBA - Master of Business Administration, specializing in entrepreneurship, Concordia University, Portland

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